I answer, of course it’s him. He speaks in his deep, sultry voice, commanding me as I’m melting. His voice delves deep into my darkest most sinful places. I can’t deny him, I comply with his every demand. “Get that toy, I know you want to.” I grab it from the drawer no sooner than he’s finished speaking the sentence. “Spread your legs wide for me.” I push the sheets back and lay with my legs wide, body quivering. “Turn it on high.” I dial up the speed. “Trace your slit with it.” I move the toy slowly over my dewy lips. I groan and moan, pushing my hips back and forth. I can hear him stroking his cock as he’s listening to me. “Tease your clit.” I tremble as the strong vibrations touch me. I close my eyes and listen to his breathing, the sound of his hand on his shaft. I moan loudly, unable to stifle myself. “Turn it down.” I dial it back half-way. I’m breathing heavily, heart racing, pounding in my chest. I can’t hear him moving anymore. I’m too lost in the pleasure, I try to slow my breath so that I can listen, but there’s no sound on the other end. “Slide it inside you.” I gasp, alarmed by the sudden sound of his voice again. I obey once again and suck my bottom lip between my teeth, moving my device slowly inside me. Pulsation invades my pussy and I sigh heavily as I start pushing and pulling even faster. “That’s my girl,” he growls sexily in my ear. I hear a car door shut outside, a key in the lock, I’m alarmed but too aroused to care. I continue as I’ve been instructed. When I open my eyes again he’s standing in the doorway overlooking my naked quivering body as he strips off his clothes. I stop and gaze at him, taking in the sight of this handsome unclad man, yearning to feel him in whatever way he sees fit. “I didn’t tell you to stop.” So I continue, only now I’m vulnerable as he’s looking over me, lustful eyes taking me in. He moves closer, sitting beside me on the bed, and I persist. He leans down and kisses me hard, biting my bottom lip. He takes the toy from me, grabs me by my hair and pulls me up. I’m forced onto all fours, he’s behind me pushing my head into the mattress. I know now why he wanted me to play so long. He wanted me to be ready to take it all. Without warning he buries himself deep inside me. I scream into the mattress, biting the sheets as he pummels me. There’s no use in trying to move, he’s got me where he wants me, I’m the toy now. He uses me as long as he needs me. Sending me into spiraling climax over and over and over again until he’s ready for his release. He slides a hand down my back, slips a finger into my mouth, pulling my face back. I look at him, he grabs a handful of my hair, his other hand on my hip. He holds me tight and pumps even harder and faster and I moan loudly feeling him spill his seed inside me. Missing him was definitely worth it.

– Rare Rose


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