He’s been gone for a while, the only interaction a few little enticing texts. I’m tucked into bed with my phone. The lines on the screen sending shivers down my spine and heatwaves through my body. These little sentences and imagining the way his voice would sound if he were to say them in my ear. He tells me how he’s imagining caressing me, sliding his hands over my breasts, down my belly, skipping the apex of my thighs to stroke my calves and up between my legs. I can feel him now, kneading my thighs, pushing them apart. Even though he sent these messages hours ago, they’ve filled my head all day, keeping me on edge. I eye the bedside table…my toy is in the drawer. I’ve been directed not to play. He won’t be back for 3 more days! How will I ever last? The teasing is torture and the cadence of his tongue in my head is driving me insane. I think about the silky sound, the way the words flow out of his mouth, the feel of his breath against my ear as he toys with my libido. Wetness pools in my panties and I ache to feel him there, deep inside me, filling and stretching, pounding and throbbing…I want and need him now! I’ve lain the phone down beside me, feel a vibration and the sound of a new message. Do I dare to read it? Is it possible to explode just from one sentence on a bright white screen? “My cock is hard and throbbing, I’m thinking of you.” That’s all it says…my pussy screams. I can feel my clit harden even further, if I move just right I can almost feel his tongue slapping against it, hungry and ravenous. In my mind images of his thick, hard, throbbing dick flash. What I wouldn’t give to have him right here beside me, feeling the tip, all wet and drippy, right at the opening of my waiting hole. I clench my walls tight imagining squeezing his length as he slowly slides inside, reaching up and pulling him down on top of me, his body warm and strong against me. Fantasizing about sinking my teeth into his shoulder as he starts to hammer me harder. My phone dings again…”What are you doing?” I almost can’t pull myself out of my reverie to respond. “Trying not to disobey,” I respond. The phone rings….


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