As I lay there with my burning cheeks, afraid to move, I avert my eyes to escape his gaze. He stalks toward me, I can feel his presence closer and closer. I dare to look back at him and see him pointing to the floor in front of him. Aware of what he wants I meekly push back the covers and pull down my pink, silk nightie and kneel in front of him. My eyes staring at the space between his bare feet. I’m waiting for a swat or for him to verbally reprimand me, instead I feel his hands grip my pigtails, see the towel fall to the floor. He pulls my hair and forces my head up, I’m met with his fully erected cock in my face. I open my mouth and he rams his cock into my mouth. “What a naughty little slut you are,” he says through gritted teeth. I nod my head acknowledging that he’s right. He only pumps my mouth harder forcing the head of his cock deep down my throat. He’s trained me not to gag, but it’s still hard not to. I suck air in through my nostrils as I slap my tongue hungrily around his shaft. I moan softly tasting the precum he’s now leaking over my tongue. “Rub your pussy,” he commands. I obey, slipping my fingers against my wetness, flicking my pointer finger over my swollen, throbbing clit. I start to moan louder. He yanks himself free of my mouth, “Tongue out!” He’s yelling now, and my god it makes me want him even more. I start to finger myself imagining that thick rod inside me. He slaps the tip off my tongue, then slaps both my cheeks with it before shoving it back inside the gape between my glistening lips. I gag this time, but he continues, harder and faster, “Stop touching yourself,” he says. I feel his cock hardening even more and I know he’s about to cum. I look up into his eyes, mine are brimming with tears as a result of the gagging. He grabs the back of my head and fills my throat with his cum. I hear him groan as he releases and can’t help but moan with him. I swallow and make a face, he’s still training me to enjoy this part. Peering up at him, sucking my bottom lip, whimpering a little…I feel well used, but still wanting. He smiles at me wickedly and I frown. “Go get the plug,” Daddy says. I obey and bring him the “torture device”. He’s sitting on the bed when I come back to him, he grabs me and lays me over his lap. The butt plug is in his right hand and his left hand is twirling one of my pig tails. “Let’s lube this up,” he laughs, then slowly slides the plug into my aching pussy. He moves it in and out slowly, twirls it around a bit and as he pulls it out he slips it right up to my clit and teases me there as well. He holds it up to inspect it, I look back and see that my wetness has coated it well, he smiles pleased. Then he starts to insert it ever so gently into my ass, once it’s all the way in he spanks me right over the top of it and I squeal and squirm at the fullness of the plug in my ass. “You will really enjoy being teased by this all day, my little pervert,” he’s highly amused at how his morning is starting, me not so much. I pout and he laughs, “Up you go, I have to head to work.” Daddy walks to his closet to get dressed and I lay on the bed trying not to notice the warmth between my legs.


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